About sci-pi.org.uk

This site documents some things I did with a Raspberry Pi.

The examples are mostly in python, and the number of different modules used has been kept deliberately low. So the graphics are all done with matplotlib or turtle, even if faster alternatives may exist.

The code is not well commented, nor is it heavily optimised. It runs adequately (in my opinion) as an example, but is not perfect. Where would the fun be in publishing perfect code which no-one can improve upon?

The examples are not aimed at any particular age, educational level, syllabus, etc., nor are they all of equal complexity. They are presented in the hope that someone else will find them useful or stimulating, but, if that person is not you, browse elsewhere!

Do the examples or the theory contain errors? Probably, but if you find any sci-pi @ sci-pi.org.uk would appreciate an email.