1st May 2021: add page on integration.

11th February 2021: updated, added a few extra images to the Mandelbrot Gallery, and added section on finite precision to the end of the Mandelbrot theory page.

31st January 2021: added the Mandelbrot Gallery and the tkinter Mandelbrot set, whilst deprecating the GTK3 version. Updated to improve coding style.

11th January 2021: added Conway's Life.

5th December 2020: added series for sin(x), partly as examples of gnuplot and matplotlib.

24th July 2020: added page on memory latency of Pi and Core2.

10th July 2020: added comparison of Pi and Cray using Mersenne test, and rearranged the menu items for the pages relating to primes.

27th June 2020: added negative numbers and subtraction to from Transistors to a CPU.

24th June 2020: added GTK3 Mandelbrot Set and from Transistors to a CPU.

11th June 2020: added an optimised Mandelbrot Set.

1st June 2020: site made known to Google, with 34 pages in sitemap.